Koň Foaming Rice Exfoliant

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Koň Foaming Rice Exfoliant is traditional Newa face scrub with a modern twist. Through our partnership with Herveda Botanicals, we have taken 62 years old Aji’s maker, Anita Joshi’s raw ingredients and recipe, and combined it with Herveda’s enzymes and vitamins to create a smoother and softer product for your delicate skin. #HervedaxAjis.

Ingredients: rice, orange peel, maize, rice bran, turmeric, lentil, fenugreek, chickpea, papaya enzyme, natural cleanser, soap-nut, timur, palmarosa, and mentha essential oils blend. Net weight: 50 grams.

Use: Wet your hands and face. Put 1/2 teaspoon of powder into hands and rub together to create a creamy foam. Gently massage onto face for 15 seconds, avoiding the eye. Rinse with warm water.